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ALAN JOHN VILLIERS D.S.C. Litt.D. (1903-1982)

Alan Villiers is among the most interesting and significant Australians to have lived in the 20th century. Although quite famous in his day, on four continents, he is now relatively unknown and his many books are out of print. Villiers' interest was man's involvement with the sea and sail in particular under full rigged ships. His accomplishments are many - in fact they are so extensive that to begin to list them is a trap, for they go on and on and usually take up all the space available. This limits a more indepth look at Villiers' contribution to history and the insights and questions which arise out of his life and work.

The purpose of this web site (blog) is to provide some resourses to those who may wish to study or simply enjoy Alan Villiers writings.

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